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Twister/Misery's Smile -

Corporation, Sheffield, Friday 8th April 2022

Set List: Your Energy/Bleed out/Serenity/Insomnia/Shadowman/Bad Blood/My Misery.

Misery's Smile are a relatively new band and it was exciting to see the energy Richie, Dani, Bret, Shaun and James put into their show. They had the crowd going from the second they came out with Richie Hevanz’ vocals giving out the hard rock vibe and complimenting the music perfectly.

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The band's stage presence was excellent: all really energetic and ready to rock. They opened with 'Your Energy' which set a really good precedent for the rest of the show. One thing that really stuck out to me was Shaun Farmer's drumming: he gave it his all and it showed.

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Their latest single 'Serenity' was the third track played which was absolutely excellent to finally hear it live. I was not disappointed! Their camaraderie showed through all the men of their crafts. The guitaring from both Dani and James was excellent and you could hear the bond between their playing. They both had full control of their instruments and played to near perfection.

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Hopefully they come back to Sheffield again soon as I would definitely go and see them play another show in Steel City!

Set List: Save Us Yourself/Young And Affected/Natural Survivor/Don't Play Nice/Trees/Wild And Lonely/Call to Arms/Trading Hearts/Monroe/Fist Fight/Own Worst Enemy/Feeding Frenzy.


Encore: Mystery/64 White Lies.

The opening band raised the bar and then Twister completely smashed it. They emerged from the back and opened with 'Save Us Yourself”. Jake and Ryan (Guitarist and Bassist respectively) played these big drums, aiding in their heavy style.

Twister 6 use.jpg
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Stevie's guitar playing while this was happening and Jack playing drums really raised the tone of the audience to be ready for rock! Their new single, 'Don't Play Nice' was really great to finally hear live. They exceeded themselves with this single and it was a great way to kick off their tour.

Twister 10use.jpg
Twister 7use.jpg

The said song is one of their heavier tracks and metal influence really does shine through. The riffs bring thought to the Metal greats, so they get 5 stars from me on that. As a band, they have music to please people who like more Poppy Rock all the way to Hard Rock, this is something I like because their songs have heavy riffs and catchy melodies.

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'Call to Arms' really got the crowd going. People filled the space at the front and literally went crazy to the number! 'Monroe' really gave me a 'Kings Of Leon' style pop rock vibe and the crowd loved it. Overall it was awesome and I can't wait for the next time they are in Sheffield.

Twister 3use.jpg

They absolutely rocked the Corporation venue! Be sure to check 'em out on the future UK dates because you definitely won't regret it.

Review & Photographs


By Alex Holmes

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