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Trouble – Psalm 9

(Hammerheart Records – 2020 / Metal Blade Records – 1984)

Trouble - Psalm 9 use.jpg

A classic old metal milestone of an album that was Produced and Engineered by the legendary Bill Metoyer as well as Brian Slagel having his hand in production too – no wonder it sounds incredible big, cavernous and brilliant!


The line-up of the band here is Eric Wagner (Vocals); Bruce Franklin (Guitars), Rick Wartell (Guitars), Sean McAllister (Bass) & Jeff 'Oly' Olson (Drums). Highlights on this debut release include the opening cut called 'The Tempter' that sets the standard, the deep drum-filled 'Revelation (Life Or Death); the tongue in cheek 'Bastards Will Pay' and the not-so-happy instrumental 'Endtime'.


The ultimate number though has to be the closer that is a stupendous take of the Cream lesser covered classic 'Tales Of Brave Ulysses' that utterly nails it which is actually a bonus track for this re-issued CD Version.


A good insight to their early recordings.



By Glenn Milligan

An Interview with the Album's Producer/Engineer

'Bill Metoyer'

that took place on 7th June 2021.

Interviewed by Glenn Milligan.

Glenn: What were your first impressions of Trouble when you originally met them and heard them play?


Bill:They reminded me of my all time favorite band….Black Sabbath, so I became an immediate fan!


Glenn: Were you aiming for a certain overall sound for the debut? Were any particular bands or albums in your mind at the time and if so, which ones and why?


Bill:I was only aiming to capture THEIR sound….especially their guitar sound!


Glenn: How did you create that big sound from the drums since it comes across utterly enormous?


Bill:The big drum sound was created by their Drummer, Oly! But one reason the drums sound big is because the studio we recorded at Track Record, had 2 rooms. One was dead and the room next to it was a totally live sounding room. That is the one the drums were set up in, so the room had a natural reverb sound that helped make the drums sound big.


Glenn: What were your thoughts of them them recording 'Tales Of Brave Ulysses' which really stands out on the album? Was it recorded at the same time and got shelved until later?


Bill: It was recorded at the same time. Metal Blade released the song 'Assassin' as a 12 inch single, and TOBU was the B side .( I think it was also a bonus track on the CD version??). I have always thought is was a great classic Hard Rock song to cover, and the band, especially Eric, made it sound very unique. I think his vocal style really complimented that particular song and made it sound awesome.


Glenn: What were the main highlights in the whole producing and engineering of the album for you personally?


Bill: Personally, it was my time spent with the band that was the highlight. The heavy Chicago accents were always amusing. The fact that instead of saying we will have a band paid dinner…it was a band GREEZZ.


Sleeping at the studio one night, and getting up in the morning, walking outside to see their van getting towed down the street because they parked in a parking lot next door to the studio and the owner of that facility had them towed, and me laughing as they ran down the street chasing the tow truck, only to see another tow track pass us with MY car in tow!


Glenn: When you play the album now, what comes to mind immediately and why?


Bill: Besides the guitar sound…because I still think it is one the best in metal….The good times I had and have had hanging out with the guys over the years.

A big thank you to Bill Metoyer of SkullSeven Productions for taking time out from his busy scheduling in order to do this marvellous Interview for us.

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