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Tokyo Blade – Unbroken

(3Ms Music Ltd – 2018)


The Legendary Old-School Rock and Metallers from the original days of NWOBHM deliver a feast of tunes to us that is one shorter than a dozen.


It features the orginal line-up for the third time ever that is of course Lead Guitarist, Andy Boulton; Drummer, Steve Pearce, Bassist, Andy Wrighton and Vocalist, Alan Marsh with this being the bands 8th album release.


Stand-out cuts include the opening 'Devil's Gonna Bring You Down'; the Metallica like 'The Man In Black'; the political blasting 'Dead Again'; the fast straming 'Black Water' the galloping 'Maiden like 'The Last Samurai' and closing 'My Kind Of Heaven'.


Decent stuff to crank up to at least 12!



By Glenn Milligan

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