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Marialena – Vanity

(S/R – 2021)

Marialena - Vanity use.jpg

Marialena Trikoglou, a vocalist from Greece is a vocal coach by day while also finding time to share her silky voice talents with the awaiting ears.


Set against a backdrop of symphonic metal, melodic rock, prog and acoustic, she has a hugely durable palate. With powerful long verses and choruses and large keyboard pieces, songs like 'One More Time', 'Prophecies', 'Silent Wings' and 'The Dark of your Sea' are dominated by her operatic throat with beautiful sustains.


Some pleasant old school lead guitar gets a space with a slightly blues like tilt and tight rhythm lines. Another piece of Greek musical gold discovered, Marialena ought to be another name in people's lips by the time this year is bygone, along with the melodies of several of these exquisite tunes.



By Dave Attrill


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