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Robin George – Rogue Angels

(Angel Air – 2018)

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With his strange worn out voice he mysteriously entices you in alongside his killer guitar work whose been on the scene for three plus decades now.


Robin is an intriguing artist who even wrote for the likes of Robert Plant, Phil Lynott and Glenn Hughes and has many an album out in his own right. He fires up on eleven cuts on this brand new release that feature Charlie Morgan too on drums with highlights including the sticking in your head opener 'Wild Eyed Beauty Queen' to the blues of 'Love Is Blind'.


In between you'll come across numbers like the catchy title track 'Rogue Angels'; 'Surreal Dream' that puts me in mind of 'Breath' by The Prodigy in part of the chorus or the cheesey rocky poppified 'Dancing Shoes Again'.


It is really a grower of an album on you after you get used to his throaty voice.




By Glenn Milligan

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