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Battle Beast/Future Palace -

Club Academy, Manchester, Friday, 16th September 2022

A night of two Female fronted European metal bands! First up from Berlin, Future Palace, pink haired tattoed frontwoman, Maria Lessing is up on the monitor with her gentle melodic voice performing opener 'Dead Inside' leading into some nice heavy riffs from guitarist, Manuel Kohlert and all sounds good.

Future Palace11.jpg
Future Palace 8.jpg
Future Palace12.jpg

I’m thinking 'steady sounding rock band here no problem' then we’re into ‘Flames' with its rap intro and scratching electronic beats and all of a sudden a bellowing death roar finds its way from her lungs and hits you head on! What a surprise!

Future Palace 9.jpg
Future Palace 2.jpg

Double surprise when you also realise there’s no bass player yet they still have this thunderous bottom end to their sound assisted by drummer, Johannes Frenzel tucked away stage right. Maria can switch from death roar to clean melodic easily and as they have brilliant songs its certainly no gimmick.

Future Palace 5.jpg
Future Palace 7.jpg
Future Palace 3.jpg

The assembled throng of fans were into this band ,who were informed that this was the first UK tour for Future Palace, and gave their appreciation. Other noticeable songs were 'Defeating Gravity' and a personal song, 'Illusions' that is close to Marisa’s heart as she informs us she was a victim of domestic abuse and it's written about that topic. A slower song compared to the rest with an excellent vocal performance. A band certain to be going places!

Future Palace10.jpg
Future Palace 2.jpg
Future Palace6.jpg

Battle Beast from Finland, home of fellow female fronted band, Nightwish, another band with a formidable female singer in Noora Louhimo. She presents a striking figure with her hair turned into Maleficent style horns and bright green corset with a fantastic voice that can do cheery melody to high scream instantly!

BattleBeast 40.jpg
BattleBeast 14.jpg
BattleBeast 36.jpg

Touring their Sixth album 'Circus of Doom' and the title track is their opening song with keyboard into supplied by Janne Bjorkroth on the keytar- upfront and in your face 80's style!

BattleBeast 35.jpg
BattleBeast 41.jpg
BattleBeast 38.jpg

Battle Beast sound is very straight down the middle classic Power metal. One anthem after another, strong riffs from the two guitarists crammed onto the fairly small stage, alongside a bassist, a drummer and the aforementioned keytar player bringing out the crunchy Battle Beast sound.

BattleBeast 30.jpg
BattleBeast 37.jpg

'Straight To The Heart' rouses the cheers from the crowd as as a shower of sparks shoot up from the stage edge as the pyro bursts into life. These crazy Europeans and their pranks, when mid-set they 'force' Guitarist, Eero Sipila into a performance of 'Whole New World' from 'Aladdin' - phones were up in the air to record that one!

BattleBeast 33.jpg
BattleBeast 23.jpg
BattleBeast 17.jpg

No more messing round after that as the band powered on with 'Where Angels Fear To Fly' and 'Bastard Son Of Odin' with Noona punching the air to the chorus: “bastard Son of Odin born to kick your ass”. Maybe a larger venue would have been better as previously stated here the stage is too small and judging by the capacity crowd they could have filled one.

BattleBeast 34.jpg
BattleBeast 26.jpg
BattleBeast 31.jpg

The one-two punch of heavy classics ‘Master of Illusion’ and ‘King For Day’ rounded off the encores and a blistering set where even Noona was emotional at their last UK gig.

BattleBeast 43.jpg
BattleBeast 42.jpg
BattleBeast 34.jpg

Hope it’s not too long before they’re back –in a bigger venue please!

Review By Mark Bedford

Photographs By John Mather

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