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Monument Of Misanthropy/Visions Of Disfigurement/

Cutterred Flesh/Dominion Of Ashes -

Corporation, Sheffield, Friday 6th May 2022

Setlist: This Wretched Human/Phoenix/The Night Mirror/Suffer In Silence/All Will Fail/Beneath The Surface/End Of Life.

The opening band, Dominion of Ashes had the pleasure of warming the crowd up, and they turned the heat way high!

Dom 1.jpg
Dom 8.jpg

Honestly an awesome band, a strong frontman and amazing musicianship. It was the first I had heard of them, but I will definitely see them again! I really liked 'All Will Fail' where the band played so in tune with each other it was like a death metal symphony.

Dom 3.jpg
Dom 12.jpg

They played a strong set from start to finish, and I was really impressed by their stage presence. They filled the room and everyone their loved it. 'Beneath The Surface' was an insane, great track, especially live. The crowd loved it.

Dom 9.jpg

What I really like is they are a Sheffield based band (always good!). I really enjoyed the show. If they are playing near you, I highly recommend seeing them.

Setlist: Amused By Tenacity/Good Boy/Where Only Old Flesh Stinks/All Beauty Of Nuclear Winter/Vibrio Vulnificus/Mystery Of Black Hen/Born Of Vathus/Call Of Gyaskuth.

The second band on the roster, Cutterred Flesh really raised the bar. A strong band with heavy riffs, gruelling lyrics and a stage presence to match it!

Cuttered Flesh 1.jpg
Cuttered Flesh 7.jpg
Cuttered Flesh 3.jpg

They are a really strong band, hailing from Czech Republic. Unfortunately, one of their guitarists wasn't able to attend, but if you didn't know, you wouldn't have noticed! 'Where Only Old Flesh Stinks' was great live: really brutal and heavy and the mosh pit went crazy!

Cuttered Flesh 4.jpg

I really liked the significance of the bass guitar. A lot of people don't appreciate it, but I always love to hear it being played well. 'Born Of Vathus' was a really good track for the penultimate song which was extremely well performed.

Cuttered Flesh 9.jpg
Cuttered Flesh 5.jpg
Cuttered Flesh 8.jpg

Overall, a really good band with great music and great showmanship.

Setlist: The Body Farm/Unimpaired Depravity/Aeons Of Misery/Pulmonary Embolism/Spontaneous Combustion/Chains Of Consciousness/Clitsnipper/Spawning Putrefaction.

Visions Of Disfigurement are an extremely brutal band. Their lyrics are gnarly, the vocals are almost frightening and the drumming is insane.

Visions 2.jpg
Visions 6.jpg

They did a couple slam songs and the front of the audience loved it. Hair was flicking around like there was a gale! Dan Bramley's vocals are out of this world. He is extremely talented and has the energy and showmanship needed to be a perfect frontman. His relationship with the audience is on point.

Visions 1.jpg
Visions 9.jpg

'Spontaneous Combustion' really got the crowd happy, due to an explicit anecdote told by Dan Bramley before they played. Ben Quinlivan's drumming was pure talent. He knows his kit and it's like an extension of his body: truly one with his kit. Closing song, 'Spawning Putrefaction' was really awesome live. It was a shame to see them leave the stage.

Visions 10.jpg

The whole band put on a great show and next time they play Sheffield I'm gonna be there!

Setlist: Vegan Homocide/Miami Vice/Miami Gold/Mysterious Hollywood Hat-Trick/Tales From Vienna Woods/Fall From Grace (Cover)/Legacy Of A Malignant Narcissist/Demon Of Graz/ Foreboding Of Evil/Entering A New State/Monument Of Misanthropy.

A more seasoned band, Monument of Misanthropy rocked the Corp stage!

Mon 6.jpg
Mon 8.jpg

They opened up with 'Vegan Homicide', which sent a wave of energy through the crowd. Wilfinger's vocals shook the supports of the building, and he's truly one of the greats. Paul Nazarkardeh’s bass playing and theatrical aptitude made for an excellent performance and his relationship with the crowd showed true.

Mon 12.jpg
Mon 5.jpg
Mon 11.jpg

'Legacy Of A Malignant Narcissist' was great to hear live. The crowd went mental and the band were all really into it. One main thing I love about the band is their relationship with each other on stage. They all are connected and it makes for a good show.

Mon 1.jpg

They closed with their title track, 'Monument Of Misanthropy' and it was a great end to a great evening. I would see these guys anytime they played Steel City!



By Alex 'Reaper' Holmes

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