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Agent Steel – No Other Godz Before Us

(Cherry Red Records - 2021)

Agent Steel - No Other Godz Before Me US

Old school Thrash/Speed Metal band that has one original member in Vocalist, Johnny Cyrus and newer guys who have been in the band since either 2019 or 2020.


The recent joinees in question are Nikolay Atanasov & Vin Fasqueira (both on Guitar), Shuichi Oni (Bass) and Rasmus Kjær (Drums). Best blasters here include the opening spoken word 'Passage To Afron-V'; 'Trespassers' with its long held on high notes and Yngwie Malmsteen style guitar tones in the solo.


Then there's 'Veterans Of Disaster' for the marvellous arrangements to be found in there and supreme solo work too or the metallic supreme closer that is 'Entrance To Afron-V'. If you are a fan of the heavier side of Judas Priest, Kreator & King Diamond then this will be right up your street too.


Raw, Rowdy and Retro like it's the 80's Thrash Scene all over again but with way better production!



By Glenn Milligan

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