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Hawklords – Alive In Concert

(Shellshock – 2020)

Hawklords - Alive In Concert USE.jpg

Well after seeing these guys at HRH Prog last year, this really was a treat to behold when I was asked if I would like to review this album.


Their current line-up consists of Jerry Richards (Guitar/SFX/Vocals), Tom Ashurst (Bass/Vocals), Dave Pearce (Drums), Nik Turner (Sax/Vocals) & Fred Reeves AKA Dead Fred (Keys/Synths/Vocals) who were captured live by Pete Wibrew at the Live Rooms, Chester on October 22nd, 2019.


It totally takes you on a celestial space age journey for a good 74 mins bringing old and new sounds from the various times of the Hawklords as well as throwing in a couple of Hawkwind classics for good measures too in the form of epic versions of 'Brainstorm' and 'Masters Of The Universe'. There are utterly glorious renditions of songs like the opening 'We Are One'; 'One Way Trip' and 'SR-71' to name but a few with wave-machine sounds a plenty, splendid piano soloing and guitar riffs that are complete off the Richter Scale.


The live mix is so lifelike and it's as though you are really there absorbing the transfixing ambience of how mind-blowing a Hawklords experience really is that includes plenty of crowd applause and wild appreciation in between each song. This really is the musical equivalent of what could only be described as a spatial orgasm that you want to feel in, out and around your body again and again.


The Hawklords really do love you and we love them too.



By Glenn Milligan

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