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Ice Fire – The Torment Of The Damned

(S/R – 2018)

IceFire - The Torment Of The Damned use.

The second release from this very polished female fronted Metal band whose debut I personally reviewed very recently.


It follows up in a similar vein with standouts including the opening 'Ice Fire'; 'The Stalker' that we all need or don't need 'The Highwayman' that reminds me of Iron Maiden with its galloping riffery and the closing epic that is 'Lord Of The Dance'.


Now when will we get to see this great band live I wonder as they are as tight as hell with some real strong vocals that from Deborah who can hold the high ones for a long time indeed. Greg Chandler has certainly done a fine job at Priory Recording Studios when it comes to recording and mixing.


Keep it Metal!



By Glenn Milligan

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