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Fule – In The Machine

(S/R – 2016)


Outstanding 70’s rock that has elements of Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Yes and much more… who started out as a Deep Tribute act and started creating their own original material from Autumn 2012.


This quintet crank out of Finland – Keuruu to be more pinpointed about it and mesmerise you at any given moment with their authentic, robust retro sounds throughout this very impressive album. There’s some out-there riffing, gutsy guitar-work and soaring organ solos in much of the material found within.


It’s all a massive highlight to be utterly honest with you but if someone put a gun to my head and demanded them it would be hard but I would say something like the opening banshee Answer like ‘ opener ‘Point Of No Return’; the Uriah Heeped ‘1918’ or the ELP meets Yes of the title track ‘In The Machine’.


Then there’s the Muse meets Pink Floyd of ‘No Place To Hide’ or ‘Won’t Change My Story’ with its wailing harp and amazing guitar riff – that’s like Deep Purple meets Black Sabbath.






By Glenn Milligan

Fule, In The Machine, Self Released, Album, Finland, Finnish, Keuruu, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, 70’s Rock
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