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The Losts - Of Shades & Deadlands

(S/R - 2016)

THE LOSTS - Of Shades & Deadlands

French four-piece, The Losts sound sinister from the moment you see the band pic - four blokes wielding scarily Star Wars like black masks, while staring bullet-eyed at you doesn't exactly promise sweet tunes called 'Aren't The Tulips Lovely This Year?'


Attacking from the start with a solo-capped lead-off into 'My Devil's Rising', the format appears set as 'Freewings Are Burning', 'Witchcraft', 'Motorcry' and the merciless stomp of 'Holy Faces of Conspiracy' do the same thing, coming in all strings firing then letting the vocal grenades loose straight behind. Vocalist, YGC has a handsome early-Ozzy like range that makes to mellow the often more thrash oriented tact.


Tight twin guitars by YGC himself and lead player DGC and a delightfully symphonic showdown on 'Lema Sabachthani' swirl together for a sometime hypnotising yet mostly always satisfying pedigree. A pleasantly old-days thrash outing with 'Venus Kills Marks' and 'Dr Punkelstein' towards the closing stage of the album marks out another unexpectedly sharp weapon these lads have sheathed away. Hopefully they will be setting out to apply it to our throats sometime in the near future as this latest French discovery don't disappoint.


Tinges of originality, if any at all, linger hereabout but for old-school satisfaction, The Losts are highly worth being sought.



By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Black Sabbath, Candlemass, Mercyful Fate & Dio.

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