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Backwood Spirit – Fresh From The Can

(Pride And Joy Music – 2021)

Backwood Spirit - Fresh From The Can use

Fantastic Southern Rock with elements of The Allman Brothers Band, Delaney And Bonny, The Black Crowes, Tribal Tongue and even The Doobie Brothers at times as well as having some Fab Four elements added in too.


They actually come from Orebro, Sweden and not a Dixie state despite how authentic they appear to sound. An album where it's all a massive highlight with the magnificent 'Catch Your Fire' finely starting it all off. Love the Blues 'n' Beatley 'Celebration'; the stick in your head 'Witchwood'; the Free/Bad Company like 'Leavin' (think Mr. Big); the mid to late 80' to late ZZ Top meets Robert Palmer'ish 'Something About You' that has some Paul Rodger's vocal qualities.


It ends on the epic 'Mayflower' that opens up lin the same vein as a certain song that Cocker covered. If only all albums were as magical as this – it's going to be a classic album in some niche quarters.





By Glenn Milligan

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