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Sonus Umbra – A Sky Full Of Ghosts

(S/R – 2020)

Sonus Umbra - A Sky Full Of Ghosts use.j

They are at it again with their proggy, jazzed up sounds that you can't simply pigeon hole on this 65 minute latest album of their's.


Some really long tracks are to be found on here with both male and female vocals that will either pull one in, puzzle, confuse or mystify you both lyrically and musically, with an avant-guard kind of ambience running through that can changed direction at any given moment.


Highlights include the opening flute soloed 'Antidentity'; the beautiful acoustic starting 'Bleary Eyed People' that is like Strawbs meets Jethro Tull and Genesis all in one and the unnerving minor-keyed 'Hidden In The Light' that is a weird cut to say the very least with string sounds and more!


Then there is the enchanting track going by the name of 'The Last Menagerie' with whirley organ bits and some UFO like riffery too or 'Time Is Running Out' that would not be out of place on an album like Genesis's 'Nursery Cryme or Elton John's 'Tumbleweed Connection'. Love the conclusive like 'Apogee' that closes the album too that's filled with some beautiful acoustic tones and wonderful sounding chord work – remember to remember!


Overall there's a lot to this release, but for some of the more advanced progressive rock listeners out there it's worth the time and ear filling.



By Glenn Milligan

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