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Wake The Sun - Through the Night

(S/R – 2018)

Wake The Sun - Through the NightUSE.jpg

New York's Wake the Sun make a near to instant impact on me with this second album. Bouncy pumpy pop rock that seems to have more to rock 'n'roll than alternative thanks to Singer, Dillon Mealey's dry 'hey hey hey-y-y' approach, as best demonstrated on 'What's My Name' is much the nature of their game.


Cutting between carefree rockers and cookin' blues ballardry of 'Keepin' Me Up' begins to make predicting the next track less simple but Guitarist, Tommy Perrotta's slick Hendrix inspired soloing herein is a strong credit to latch onto.


'Pink Neon' leads off around an amorous pumping 80's style bassline while 'Cold Blood' gets the blues up with a grind and allows space for Mealey demonstrate his pipes to the height of effect. 'Muses' ends it off with a meaty high speed rocker, rich in indie rock sound but big chorus, and likely the biggest entry for their current live set.


Definitely one to listen to through the night, over again if its princely playing time of 37.5 minutes is something to go on. Wake The Sun pack plenty into this short and sweet nine-tracker, extracting most influences from big names of decades bygone but using their own wire to wrap it tightly within.



By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE (apart from Jimi): Led Zeppelin, Foo Fighters & Kings of Leon

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