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The Sidney Green Street Band – Half Live

(S/R – 2017)

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So from the title you thought that the other half of the album must be studio and you'd be thinking right. 12 tracks altogether – all new too from the band who take their name from a long gone British Actor.


Made up of session dudes who are led by Motion Picture Guitar player Lance Doss (Bowling ForColumbine / Fahrenheit 9/11) with Steve Holley (Drums) who was a member of Wings / Joe Cocker; Studio Engineer for the likes of Robin Trower, Paul Page on Bass and Justin Jordan (who has worked with Flo & Eddie of The Turtles, The Shirelles and many more).


You'll find a perfect mix of Southern Rock, Americana and various points in between with elements of artists like Stevie Ray Vaughan & The Band and much more. Smokin' numbers include cuts like the opening 'Muscle Shoals' that's a fitting tribute to the said studio; the humour of the deep rednecked 'Last Beer And Testament'; the blues of 'Don't Make The Girl Cry' all from the studio segment.


Live from The Great Notch Inn, North Jersey there are the great joys of cuts like the Grateful Deadness of 'I Belong' with the funky guitar sounds gone swamp; 'I Ain't Sleeping With The Light On' that has quirks of Garcia meets The Band to be founds in there. It's topped of with the fun-filled 12-bar about a deluded guitarist who considers himself a 'Rock Star'.


Full marks since this is truly great.




By Glenn Milligan

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