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The Fierce And The Dead - Live at the Hope and Anchor (E.P.)

(S/R – 2021)

The Fearce and the Dead - Live at The Ho

I often struggle with hearing a band for the first time via live versions. Still, this London quartet despite being instrumental do have a fair slice to offer across these three tracks.


Split largely between the Police and Porcupine Tree in some measure, with a further sweet variety of psychedelic and alternative rock patterns that pop up out of nowhere, it is impractical to deny their talent. Middle track 'Part 2' is the prime mover, packing in most of the listed elements, with slick, clean string lines switching for driving distortion attacks at the right intervals.


'Palm Trees' packs in some whirry solo work and a surprise bit of crowd participation before pounding its way heavily along to the finish, surprisingly abruptly. An interesting impression and certainly more fierce than dead by far, I don't think this will be the only thing I'll be listening to from these lads soon, with three studio albums already there to choose from.


Certainly worth a listen, especially while you're waiting for live music to get the go ahead once again.



By Dave Attrill

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