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Dust – Soulburst

(Attitude Recordings – 2016)


Man this album is awesome – takes you on the road of proper classic rock of artists like Glenn Hughes, Whitesnake and Dio to name but a few from four guys from Sweden who go by the names of Roger Solander (Vocals), Bernt Ek (Bass), Johan Niskanen (Guitar) and Orjan Englin (Drums).


Dust really do literally kick it up as well on the 9 song strong album ‘Soulburst’ that is a massive highlight all the way through with opener ‘Sun Rising’ having RJD all over it with while ‘King Is Coming’ is lashed in pure Coverdale territory!


‘Free’ makes me think ‘Voice Of Rock’ with the high, melodic wailing pipes and the slow, gutsy, funky riffery with the blues base. Call me cheesey but the song ‘Blind’ is a real blinder to finish on with its throbbing deep riff and soaring vocal chops too!


Overall it’s a killer album with no filler in sight - all albums should be as good as this!




By Glenn Milligan

Dust, Soulburst
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