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Abacu5 – A Long Way To Begin

(S/R – 2017)

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Fresh and vibrant rock outfit from Dallas, Texas who have a commercial sound to them that puts me a bit in mind of Muse, Mika, Big Country, Pink Floyd and a smidgen of Queen all rolled into one.


Highlights include the opening 'Blow You Away', the Southern Rock like 'Wonder' with plenty of harmonica work or the atmospheric piano and rain intro' that is 'Interlude'.


Then there's the epic 'Angels' with some guitar-work that reminds me of U2's 'The Edge' or the cracking closer that is 'Exactly' that's no doubt mind-blowing live with its strong long held lead and backing vocals.


They have a real clear English clarity style in the vocal department as opposed to coming across American that will set them in good stead on either side of the pond. Ones I reckon you should hear about in the future – they've even toured China!






By Glenn Milligan

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