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Tremendous – Relentless

(Horrendous Records – 2020)

Tremendous - Relentless use.jpg

70's sounding meet almost Indie/New Wave Rockers from Birmingham, UK and made up of Mark Dudzinski (Guitar/Vocals), Ryan Jee (Bass) and Dave Lee (Drums).


They have elements of Boston in the musical arrangements and high vocals with that echoe sound that is a real precedent from the opening power ballad come rocker 'Don't Leave Our Love (Open For Closing)' or riffery of 'Rock 'N' Roll Satellite that even has Suede like woohoo parts too.


I hear sounds of The Darkness there as well and even solo Beatle like moments too during 'Like Dreamers Do' and there are other songs that stick at you like the raucous 'Heart Sinker' or almost punky 'Fightin' To Lose' and the distortive, cranking fast closer with it's totally addictive riff and goes by the name of 'Copycat Killer'.


Fresh and at the same time retro and brash – a band to definitely look out for!



By Glenn Milligan

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