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Redline Messiah – S/T

(Buzzbomb Records – 2016)


A brash punkified bunch of rockers from Chicago and Southern California and who don’t let up for a single second on this rawping debut!


Selected any song on here and you’ll get exactly what I mean – similar style all the way through and if it works for ya then cool. Right from ‘Move It On’ through to ‘Speed Guru’ it’s a galloping avalanche of unadulterated warts ‘n’ all pulveriser with all the mistakes kept in because that’s punk rock right?


In the middle you’ll find speaker tremblers like the bad taste but humourously titled ‘Toplesss Nazi’; ‘Beg Of Waste’ and ‘Bitch Bag’ – Lol - I’ll remember that one!




By Glenn Milligan

Redline Messiah, Redline, Messiah
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