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Marching Out - Rock Will Never Die

(S/R – 2014)

Marching Out - Rock Will Never Die USE.j

So it's from a few years ago but what the hell since it comes from the musical school of Malmsteen and Blackmore via these Japanese maestros who reside in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoy & Sapporo.


It seems that the band are even named after a Yngwie album but there's another connection later too on this platter that is packed full of Majestic Hard Rock and Dark Bombastic Metal. You be blasted by sweeping fast as hell, flamboyant sweet-picking solos that are utterly beautiful tone-wise and as classical as they come featuring famous elements of well known composers that graced classic of our recent past courtesy of Tsuyoshi Hayashi plus even Hiroaki Tagawa (of Blind).


Then what about the racing bass playing Masayoshi Yamashita (of Loudness), screaming bansheee vocals Kazu Rock, relentless drumming of Kozo Suganuma and Lord-like keyboards from Akira Ishiguro (Former SeikimaⅡ). It's outstanding to have Doogie White of YJM's Rising Force/ Rainbow/MSG guest on a bonus version of the stomping 'Rock Will Never Die' and even more so when Minoru Niihara (from Loudness) adds to the vocal prowess to the song too.


It starts up with the amazing instrumental 'Prelude' which is then blown to smithereens by the following cut called 'The Cross' before they go rather Purpleseque on us with 'Burnin' Fire' with a fabulous bit of Bach thrown in there for good measures with 'Let Me Feel You For A While' getting all balladeering and Whitesnake like because they can where the vocals are lower octave than previously heard, putting me in mind of Ian Astbury of The Cult.


'The Resurrection' is all you need that ticks those Deep 'Bow boxes whilst 'The Sign Of The Sounthern Cross' (not a cover of the later Sabbath classic) is a belter of a number with galloping bass and guitar riffery and super flash solo-work too that neoclassical officiados will be creaming over with strong vocals and powerful lyrics to pine over too!


It really is one of the most musically impressive albums I have reviewed in the 20 last years of Metalliville and that's saying something! I hear a follow-up is due out soon as well!



By Glenn Milligan

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