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Burnt Out Wreck – This Is Hell

(Burnt Out Wreckords / Cherry Red – 2019)

This is Hell cover.jpg

So here it is, album number two from Gary and the crew. It comes crashing out at us regardless if we are 'Dead Or Alive' (the killer opener) and will have you rocking as soon as the play button gets pushed!


It's raw 'n' gutsy and sound-wise a clear mix with everything ringing out true. There's no mushiness or poor man's budgeting going on here. It has a real deal warmth to it which I guess Mr. Moat was going for and totally succeeded in achieving. With a feel of early AC/DC, the album has full-on energy vibe to it with those crunchy riffs and firing drums gunned up to the max alongside loud 'n' powerful vocals.


Highlights include the marvellous 'Paddywack' where she shakes that thing and the slipper-stomping 'Headfuck' – wonder who that's about? Then there's 'Red Hot Sticky Sweet' with it's to-die-for pre-chorus or the Southern-like 'Just A Dog'.


If 'This Is Hell', then I'm up for it when the time comes.



By Glenn Milligan

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