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Black Sands Feat. Greg Bannis – I Wish You Were Here (E.P.)

(Black Sands – 2017)

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A former member of Hot Chocolate alongside a band I reviewed not too long ago who let it rip on this E.P. The title track 'I Wish You Were Here' being rather Southern Rock in style but that is little wonder when backed by Black Sands.


Greg Bannis has a silky voice that is almost like a black David Bowie and Mick Jagger which is no bad thing to resemble. Nice poppyness to Angy with perfect backing vocals from Daniela Haag. What makes this CD different is that you get three songs and then the backing tracks of them after which isn't something I get very often if at all. Would like to hear a full album.


Good stuff.




By Glenn Milligan

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