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T Clemente Band – Lost In Time

(S/R – 2013)

Teddy Clemente is a kicking San Francisco Guitarist who is pretty much unknown who has the likes of Drummer, David Lauser (of Sammy Hagar fame) and in-your-face vocalist, Amanda Dieck and has the help of multi-talented, Robert Berry on the arranging, directing and musical front.


To say this is not truly impressive would be an absolute crime since this album has a lot of stand-out moments. It ticks all the Deep Purple boxes with ‘Sacrifice’ and then there’s the power ballad of title track ‘Lost In Time’, the organ & keyboard filled ‘On Fire’.


Or later you get the Gospel stocked ‘Let It Shine’; the epic last sung song ‘Retaliate’ that has a forceful vibe with big chorus vocals before it closes with a marvellous instrumental going by the name of ‘Remember’ that has some eastern sounds to it too.


A blinder of a release!




By Glenn Milligan

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