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CG Project – Running In Circles

(S/R – 2020)

CG Project - Running In Circles use.jpg

A dude who goes by the name of Cesar Gonzalez who is the brains behind this album that is instrumental from beginning to end in this fusion outfit from Venezuela.


The musical unit is completed by Drummer, Oscar Guedez, & Bassists, Carlos Jiminez and Irvin Rodriguez who impress me with their diverse styles throughout since there's a few genress here that are wonderfully crafted together. The sound mix is really clear and pristine too and something for Mr. G. to certainly be proud of and recorded at Probos Estudio Creativo by Miguel De Donato.


Highlights include the opening striking blues-rock-fusion of 'She's The Danger'; the flash jazziness with a bit of delta that is 'From The Old School'; the fresh and well-percussioned title track 'Running In Circles' and the intrguing closer 'Enigma'. This cat and his band has what it takes to impress a few thousand on the NAMM weekend and more so around this crazy world we live in.


Inspiring tunes!



By Glenn Milligan

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