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Chile Colorado – S/T

(S/R – 2016)



Well as soon as I put this on, what struck me straight away was how much these Monterey, California guys sounded like ZZ Top in both the vocal and guitar style and tone in the opening song ‘Getting Restless For Your Love’.


In fact, they are a trio and up made up of Ron Wright (Guitar/Vocals); Paul Goss (Bass) and John Ferraro (Drums) who dare I say it remind of some of the quirky Spinal Tap stuff – ‘Pinky Earring’ being a perfect example just for the title alone before the song kicks in!


Love the slipper stomping blues rockin’ ‘Digital Highway’  that really brings it home too.


Pretty Decent.




By Glenn Milligan

Monterey, California, Chile Colorado, Self Titled, Ron Wright, Paul Goss, John Ferraro, ZZ Top, Rock, USA
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