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Aaron Buchanan And The Cult Classics – The Man With Stars On His Knees

(Special Edition)

(Listenable Records – 2019)


Filled with gothic intensity, industrialism and disturbing sinister rock this is a band that sounds like nothing from his previous outing in Heaven's Basement that was originally released as a ten tracker in 2017 via Pledge Music where they achieved 167% of their total!


Imagine Muse meets Queen while melting in some Marilyn Manson in a Depeche Modeness at times – make sense? It will somewhat if you play this rather revealing explosive album that's crammed with epics that will mindblow you immediately. A lot cries out to be loved and devoured by your ears and I guarantee they will be totally pleasured by the songs on here.


As well as Aaron Buchanan fronting the band the rest of the line-up consists of his younger Sister, Laurie Buchanan (Guitar), Tom McCarthy (Guitar); Mart Trail (Bass – ex-Grim Reaper) and Paul White (Drums – ex-The Defiled). It all really stands out for different reasons - be it for the vocal dynamics or the impeccable musicianship and it seems wrong to mention some and not others as well.


So even with that in mind, I will mention the opening (almost introduction) short cut that is the throbbing bassings of 'Show Me What You're Made Of'' that is immediately followed up by full-on pumping and bright 'All The Things You've Said And Done' especially on the powerful chorus section.


Later on there's the momentous, milestone title-track that builds up majestically with a heaving choral section going by the name of 'The Man With Stars On His Knees'; the almost Alice In Chains like 'A God Is No Friend' and the abrasive 'Left me For Dead' or haunting, fast paced, closer 'Undertow'– the second of two bonus tracks on this special edition.


An album so worth having that totally took me by surprise!



By Glenn Milligan

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