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Joe Satriani – What Happens Next

(Sony/Legacy Recordings – 2017)

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Believe it or not this is his 16th solo album to day and features Chad Smith (Drums) and Glenn Hughes (Bass).


Now it's often hard to pick out top highlights on one of Satch's album since his material is of such top quality. Plus who am I touch judge since this cat is a guitar god and has been for many years. Anyway, if I had to at gunpoint I would have to say the opening fast rocker 'Energy' where the drum thramming is utterly relentless or the space-like 'Thunder High On The Mountain' with its deep gutsy chord work and beautiful solo.


Then there's the balladeering 'Smooth Soul'; the racing and classic Satch like track 'Headrush' or closing laid back number that is 'Forever And Ever'. What happens next? Good question that! Hopefully a new Chickenfoot album! Especially since this album features ½ the band right here. Of course, After the UK G3 Tour right?


Cracking stuff!




By Glenn Milligan

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