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Joe Macre - Bullet Train

(S/R – 2021)


With a CD sleeve design that looks criminally alike Judas Priest's 'Turbo', you are pretty much swayed as what you're going to hear from former Crack the Sky four-stringer Joe Macre.


Yet to be truthful, Joe's debut solo album is very much classic era rock but from the other corner of the office often visited. Driving olde worlde blues rock of exactly the sort you'd once walk into a bar one Saturday to, and played as if it never ceased to exist. 'Drag It Down' begins with a dirtier heavier edge then everything eases a notch beyond there. You'd rightly think 'You Can't Take It With You', 'Slow Ryder', 'Diesel Locomotive', 'That's Summer' and 'Safety In Numbers' couldn't possibly be songs composed only in 2020, yet you'll be shocked by the reality.


Huge choruses, hooks and bends will have you getting your six string out and sitting in that doorstep for days on end with neighbours swarming from all ends of the road pleading "Play us that again, mate." until the sun sinks behind the clouds. Slight Eagles and Elvis vibes are easy to sense in occasional spots while 'At The Roadhouse' shows Joe's slurry range adopting a strong, John Lee Hooker-like sass. Variety aplenty to appease fans of both his past progressive and latter-day musical angles should see this Bullet Train pulling at your station quite promptly.


Essential music for those lazy mellow weekends throughout lockdown, and long after, Mr Macre's album is one worth isolating yourself with any time.



By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Joe Bonamassa, early Deep Purple, Free, Rainbow

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