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The Apocalypse Blues Revival – S/T

(Provogue Records – 2020)

Apocalypse Blues Revival use.jpg

A band who are Florida, USA based that truly dare invite us on their strange doomy psychedelic weird trip that tips in the blues, rock and more...


They are made up of Shannon Larkin (Drums) of Godsmack/Ugly Kid Joe); Tony Rombala (Guitar) of Godsmack, Brian Carpenter (Bass) of Rickey Medlocke's new version of Blackfoot & Shane Hall (Vocals) who is Shannon's Drum Tech in Godsmack.


An outfit who take you on a musical journey whether you wish to go or not. They at times creep into some avant-garde territory that the likes of Captain Beefheart, Frank Zappa or Mike Patton would grandly all step into if the mood took them. Their style is also accessible enough to the layman or general music lover too – you simply don't know what is coming next so they definitely keep you on your toes.


Standouts include 'No One Will Miss Me' that has very much an Elvis feel about it when he was in more of a delta mood; the uneasiness of the intriguing 'The Abomination Of Desolation' and the droning vibe of 'Written To The World' with some exquisite squawking saxophone work that does a bit of duelling with the guitar in the instrumental section and is very effective too. Or what about the wild rockabilly goes pyschobilly in the closing 'A Gecko Pt 2 – The Endless Possibility Of Water'.


Worth checking out.



By Glenn Milligan

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