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Rome - Parlez Vous Hate

(Trisol Music Group – 2021)

Rome - Parlez Vous Hate use.jpg

Not from Italy as name might mislead, Luxembourg's Rome have built a capital following so far with their Neo-Classical Prog modellings, especially on the power of last year's 'The Lone Furrow' which only the pandemic has managed to stop them promoting themselves as much as they could have.


Main motivator, Jerome Reuter roots most of his vocal performance to seventies influences with some eighties zest, as he sings his songs about wars and governments past and present amongst topics, starting with the wistful titular opener. An accomplished acoustic player to boot, his strong stringery bounces unstoppably along tracks like 'Born In The EU', 'Death From Above' and 'You Owe Me A Whole World' ' against instant and epic chorus pieces.


The pace skips between slow and upbeat hard rock quite rapidly, although ballad-flavoured cuts such as 'Blood For All' plus the electro-flavoured 'Feral Agents' are among the album's selling staples. Combined with haunting harmonies and a haughty symphonic over-feel, Rome's latest release sits hot in the wake of their previous masterpiece, furthering their impact on the folk rock genre.


Enchanting sounds from European shores carry over once again.



By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Jethro Tull, The Cure, Pink Floyd, Hawkwind & The Police.

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