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Black Country Communion – BCCIV

(Mascot Records – 2017)

Well after seeing the opening number 'Collide' via facebook in the last few weeks, I must say that I knew this was a gem even before release number 4 was even played.


Good to see Glenn, Joe, Jason and Derek back and giving us 10 marvellous, well thought out and killer ten tracks with a couple of great ballads thrown in their too. Mixed by Kevin Shirley of Black Crowes fame it is brash, dynamic and extremely fresh where every member gets to shine throughout the album.


Highlights include that said opener 'Collide' that has a powerful Led Zeppelin meets Whitesnake feel with Mr. Hughes on lead voice; the mandolin filled ballad 'The Last Song For My Resting Place' (with Mr. Bonamassa taking care of vocals); the RATM like riffed number called 'The Cove' that has a Deep Purple'esque vibe to it as well; the Beatley 'Wanderlust' that's an epic length of a song or the Muse like 'Love Remains'.


All the vocals are second to none with some marvellous hooks to be found especially on 'Over My Head' that almost sounds like a duet with Glenn and Joe. Jason Bonham is on fire behind that kit while Derek Sherinian really flavours it up on those keys throughout too!


Album number 4 gets the top score! Next up, we need a good full UK Tour!




By Glenn Milligan

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