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Connor Bracken And The Mother Leeds Band – Nightbird Motel

(S/R – 2020)

Connor Bracken And The Mother Leeds Band

A unpigeonholeable band from Asbury Park, New Jersey, USA that blitz up with a varied array of styles on this rather good album to say the least.


They are made up of Connor Bracken (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Rich Seyffart (Drums/BV's), Jeff Linden (Guitar/BV's) & Chris Dubrow and toured relentlessly all over the eastern states of North America proving that this, their second full lengther is a stompingly cool album throughout.


They crash in with the opener When The World Stops Turning'' that has a Cult like feel to it since it has a good ole dark ballsy gothic rock vibe to it. MLB then go all trashy country Dogs D'Amour like on the following number 'Read On You' while later on you get the the gutsy stoner meets blues-rock of 'Blame On Me' and the squealing 'n' atmospheric rock 'Voice On The Radio'. Or what about the gospel meets Springsteen feel of 'Dream Of You And Me' that even comes as an acoustic instrumental 'Reprise' too.


A band that really grows on you after every listen that everyone needs to hear the world over!



By Glenn Milligan

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