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We Could Build An Empire - In This Place

(Mighty Music – 2018)

We Could Build An Empire - In This Place

Well I'm not sure about an empire exactly boys, but you have obviously no difficulty building a sound. Swedish trio W.C.B.A.E certainly display a dark side to their prog/alt- fused output but it seems to maintain its listener accessibility in sync with it.


Despite a driving alternation of ambience and anger, there is a number of bouncing moments to be found this bands product , notably the chorus in opener 'The Great Escape', 'Red 3', 'On The Run' and distortion-tinged rocker 'Rise And Fall'. Closing 'track 'Astronauts begins as a boisterous indie rocker then breaks away into a fine modern progressive rock workout before returning round the circuit.


Mixed with a few elements of latter-day Metallica, and quite a few strands of Spock's Beard and Nirvana, this Empire sound quite strong with the force, even if their sound is an acquired taste at best.


Definitely one to try.



By Dave Attrill

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