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Chris Stark – Juxtaposition

(S/R – 2018)

Chris Stark - Juxtaposition USE.jpg

Hawaii is another place that has hardly been known for acts of note in the rockular field until now. If that be the case, then Chris Stark could be the game changer here - then being a one-time scholar of the Vai Academy does help move that pawn along.


Chris's debut of lush instrumental workouts waves along, up and down with techniques, surprises and sounds not unfamiliar all set against one another. With nothing outstaying its welcome in duration terms, smooth, streamy soloing like you will experience on 'Surfing the Jetstream', 'Angular Momentum', 'Highway One', 'Constellation', 'Memory of a Friend', 'Pacific Blue' and 'Joyride to Jupiter' supply plenty of moments echo names like Mick Jones, Josh Ramos, Neal Schon and Andy Timmons alongside that great teacher of his himself.


Chris evidently likes to keep thinks short and sweet but strong enough to leave a taste. And after fourteen tracks, it turns out I am craving a little further as well.



By Dave Attrill

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