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Trouble – The Skull

(Hammerheart Records – 2020 / Metal Blade Records – 1985)

Trouble - The Skull use.jpg

The band's second album gets a reissue here with Bill Metoyer again at the Producing & Engineering helm.


With the same band line-up it follows suit after the debut, 'Psalm 9' with its dark 'n deep early Sabbath-like leanings with the alarming well-riffed 'Pray For The Dead' starting off the proceedings of this 7-tracker. Other stand-outs on the record include the long 'n' fast 'n' slow, rather epic cut called 'The Wish'; the speedy and the unnerving 'Gideon' with some cracking solo guitar widdlings where you think Tony Iommi is guesting for good measures.


Worth noting also is that fact that it's Executive Producer was Metal Blade's Owner/President, Brian Slagel and it was mastered at Capital Records, Hollywood by Eddie Schreyer who like Mr. Metoyer are both legends in the history of Heavy Metal and beyond in some cases on the other side of the glass!


A cool album that features some fantastic pummeling drumming.



By Glenn Milligan

An Interview with the Album's Producer/Engineer

'Bill Metoyer'

that took place on 7th June 2021.


Interviewed by Glenn Milligan.

Glenn: How would you say the band had changed in any way since you recorded the debut album?


Bill: Well, personally, the first record reminded me of Black Sabbath. I think in 'The Skull' they were evolving into their own DOOM feel....The Trouble sound.


Glenn: What were the most difficult or should I say challenging things to capture for 'The Skull' album overall?


Bill: Trying to outdo the first record which had already become a cult underground Metal classic.


Glenn: How long did the recording sessions last and for how many days on this one? Was it an easier process than the first or harder?


Bill: Easier in that we had a little more time in the studio & harder because we set out to out-do the debut.


Glenn: Any particular favourite moments or songs in particular?


Bill: 'Fear No Evil' because of the cool backwards intro. Doing things like that before digital using tape was NOT easy!!!


Glenn: What was the overall vibe either side of the glass for this album? Do you have to really have to get into the zone, so to speak in order to really get it all in the pocket ready for it to become the finished article?


Bill: Not really. Although it was not a long time between the debut and 'The Skull'. I think the band had matured not only in both musicianship and songwriting but we all matured in the fact that I think we all worked a bit harder on this album.


Glenn: What are you most proud of from being involved in this particular album?


Bill: I would like to think I had a little more input production-wise on this album and I have always been happy with the outcome.

A big thank you to Bill Metoyer for taking the time out from his busy production schedule in order to take part in this great Interview.

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