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Speed Stroke – Scene Of The Crime

(Street Symphonies Records – 2020)

Speed Stroke - Science Of The Crime use.

Cock rocking unapologetic greatness all the way from Italy that's jam packed solid with big high vocals, solid backing and every box ticked musicality of the fantastic 80's genre.


Highlights included the opening ballsy rock 'Heartbeat'; the power ballad brilliance of 'No Love' with its fabulous acoustic parts and Eastern/Egyptian section that catches you by surprise as well as a lovely soaring guitar solo to top it off – a surefine hit which can be said for the killer ballad 'One Last Day' too!


Elsewhere there's the thunderous 'Soul Punx' or the crackin', pacey blaster with awesome key changes that is the closing 'Hero No. 1'. Definitely a band worth seeing and even graced our own city of Sheffield back in 2018 at HRH Sleaze.


Good stuff!



By Glenn Milligan

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