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Black Severn – Wild Interior

(Lost Border Records – 2017)


A psychedelic band from Bristol UK who present this 7 track effort to us that lasts just over 30 minutes.


It's bluesy, mysterious and atmospheric with a sinister gravelly lead vocal and kinda like Bob Log II I and Seasick Steve on a bad acid trip in full band mode and that's just on the opening 'Bobby Lee' Elsewhere there are a lot of disturbing avant-guarde moments, out of tune spiralling melody sections that seem to musically hang off a cliff and somehow get dragged back onto safe ground again.


I think the late John Peel would have loved this band since they totally go against the norm of what folks expect and may enter parts of their brain that are never ventured to if they can get through all the weird arrangements that clash with each other along the way. The closer 'Edge Of The Frame' is very tribal and puts me in mind of what would happen if you brought Brian Jones' brain back to life and mixed it with the musical notions of Keith Richards – sounds bizarre right?


Elsewhere you'll have your life enriched by cuts like 'The Eye' that's like a late experimental Beatles Jam in the White Album period onwards with a touch of Muse stripped down more or the creepiness of 'Dustwun'


Not for the faint hearted!



By Glenn Milligan

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