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Brian Cottrill – Megaphone Inside My Head

(S/R – 2020)

Brian Cottrill - Megaphone Inside My Hea

The follow-up album to the stupendous 'Through The Keyhole' and features more cool numbers that are bright, up-tempo and a fun listen no matter on what the subject matter happens to be.


The main man takes care of the vocals or course as well as guitars, keyboards and bass alongside Bob Workman on Drums/Percussion plus David Zinn on lead guitar. Other Cottrills take care of harmony vocals who are Hannah, Brooke & Erica and David Seamon providing strings on a number too.


It's one of those records that's cool to play over and over which will put you in a vibrant, happy mood with a ton of stand-outs that include the rockin' 'Spin That Record'; the melodic and marvellously arranged groover 'Take It Or Leave It', the tell it like it is 'Don't Tell Me What To Do'; the 60's Who-riff-like 'Ice Cream Angel Baby' or the beautiful but sad string filled closer 'If Tomorrow Never Comes' that really is an epic of a track to finish on.


A pretty outstanding album.



By Glenn Milligan

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