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Phenomena – Still The Night

(Explore Rights Management – 2020)

Phenomena - Still The Night USE.jpg

A phenomenal (scuse the unintended pun) project with Glenn Hughes on vocals that sees some the finest musicians from the 70's and 80's joining together over time.


A compilation culled from the million selling debut album Phenomena plus tracks from the 'Dream Runner' and 'Psycho Fantasy' releases too and a few unreleased cuts as well that was placed together by Tom Galley. It features the likes of Mel Galley, Neil Murray, JJ Marsh (Glenn's Guitarist), Cozy Powell, Ted McKenna and Don Airey making it a kind of Deep Purple Family Tree Supergroup extravaganza with many other fine muso dudes thrown into this magical musical mix too.


Highlights include the striking title track 'Still The Night' that opens the album and also comes as a 12” remix form as as well; 'Touch My Life' especially for the Chorus; the beautiful ballad 'Phoenix Rising'; the Police like Pop-Rock of 'Who's Watching You?'; the ballsy 'Double 6, 55, Double 4' with it's its Queen 'One Vision' like riff at times; the gutsy 'Higher' with its slamming snare work and crunchy guitar-work.


An amazing digipack that's well worth investing in.



By Glenn Milligan

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