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Mutant Proof – S/T

(S/R – 2018)

Mutant Proof USE.jpg

Germany has its hand on a hugely variable spread of rock and metal switches, contrary to what some believe.


Dortmund foursome Mutant Proof provide a fiery melodic punk metal hybrid in their debut album that doesn't scene prepared to risk putting off those who play on the more aggressive implication of the style. Listening to Frontman, Gerald Manns somewhat Devin Townsend flavoured range the variety that is ventured across this ten-tracker might actually please quite a few phones of said Strapping Young Lad/Ocean Machine Legend. 'Gimme Some Time', with its gritty twin guitar and tempo alternations is enough temptation to get ones clappers around a copy of this album, before the chorus even comes into discussion.


Nirvana influences herein are almost copyright breachingly exploited in not your affair - if you are not hearing an uptempo version of 'In Bloom', for as long as that verse line stretches along for, then I recommend you check you might not have the wrong disc spinning. 'Brave The Storm' is a swaying cigarette-lighter-aloft number slightly in the Nickelback vein and one of the album's strongest elements. 'Ravished Girl' and 'Misery for Free' chug on at full pace, doing their thing with a deep hookline and dancing edge, both respectively and apiece.


'Mother Earth' is a stop go speed punk cut with a mighty 80's vocal from Gerald, destined for the live set whereas  'Into The Void' subsequently sizzles and stomps behind on a silky sustained chordline. 'This Barren Land' is by far the most commercialy approachable track - a cruising melodic alternative rock number with a nice title at Aussie 80's legends, Icehouse and only (nearly ) spoiled by the high pitch vocal turn of a troop of school children during one of the courses.


Sharp and unflinching stuff in the space of 40 minutes and 22 seconds, Mutant Proof's start had better be how they mean to go on. not that I'm impressed at having received this over a year after its release, this riveting musical attack, with a lot of rules broken, bears huge potential and performed in the flesh will frightening more than this CD could ever feign trying.


Proof of the pudding is in the eating ... These mutants are not as likely to ear you as swallow you whole.



By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Offspring & Nickelback.

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