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Trucker Diablo – Corporation, Sheffield, Friday 22nd June, 2018


Set List: Intro (Convoy)/Red Light On/Voodoo/Drown In The Fire/Girl In A Photograph/Not So Superstar/Drive/Maybe You're The One/Drink Beer, Destroy/When's It Gonna Rain/Black And Blue/Party Like They Started The End Of The World/Born Trucker/Juggernaut/Angels/Let's Just Ride/Over The Wall/Rebel.


Another pollen filled, dry hot day in Steel City is finished off with a brilliant band from Belfast – Northern Ireland's Trucker Diablo who on this night performed to a healthy filled small room at the Corporation.















It's been a few years since they last played this venue and folk are really happy to see them return performing their classic rock meets southern like sounds with an authentic slice of Irish vibe and sound coming through in their songs.















They deliver a class array of numbers that span their career as a band so far with outstanding cuts including the always epic 'Drink Beer, Destroy' that was proceeded by a 'Happy Beerday' to one of the fans who was born on this date.















I must admit it was pretty hard getting the old ears around the real strong accent coming from Trucker' Frontman, Tom Harte in between the ditties – the odd word lost here and there but we got the jist in the end – worse for wear tabs don't help either hahaha.














Highlights include the ballsy 'n' throbbing opener 'Red Light On' that we give it up to from the get go; the Thin Lizzy like 'Girl In A Photograph'; gorgeous power ballad 'Maybe You're The One'; the fat-filled 'Black And Blue'; the sure-fine fun starting 'Party Like They Started The End Of The World'; and closing on the crunchy riff-filled 'Rebel' that asks if we can go any faster!















Their proficiency was steadfast as Trucker Diablo gave us a solid, loud, brash and ballsy and at times deep emotional performances that came across extremely authentic and honest throughout the duration of tonight's set. It comes as no surprise why they have such a hardcore audience of bikers and rockers alike on both sides of the Irish Sea – let the drinks flow people! On stage and off-stage – it's all good!















Until next time... and by the the looks of the turn out and positivity tonight I am damn sure there will be a next time from Trucker Diablo in this very venue... would love to see them on the big stage one day...




By Glenn Milligan

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