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Servers – Ad Nauseam

(S/R – 2019)

Servers - Ad NauseamUSE.jpg

Local lads from the South Yorkshire area who have a massive touch and taste for the darker side of music who encompass the vibe and personality of Type O Negative with Joy Division and then some....


It's as heavy as f*ck with a mix that is cavernous, bottomless and rooted in the depths of the earth somewhere with vocals not too much above the surface. It all melts together as one racing slab of restless and unnerving plethora with moments of versatile dampened down, negativity that also blends in a sweetness that has the dank beauty of mould and moss on an ancient gravestone in a long, forgotten part of a church yard.


The opener 'Blind Faith' sets us up for what we are about to receive and it's a demonic race to the death herein with standout cuts like the powerful paced 'Watch You Bleed'; the 80's like Hawkwindness of 'In Death'; the Metallica meets Sabbathesque 'Lies' and 'The Cellar' that is kinda tongue in cheek – a place where you don't want to go into.


Decent delivery all round!



By Glenn Milligan

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