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Blue Oyster Cult – Ghost Stories

(Frontiers Music - 2024)

(Style: Rock)

There is no arguing with the legacy that B.O.C have created over the past 50 years. They are undeniably distinct with a unique sound that sets them apart from their peers.

Apart from the obvious songs ‘Don’t Fear The Reaper’ and ‘Godzilla’ B.O.C maybe don’t get the acclaim or praise that is lauded onto lesser bands. Maybe it is because they stick to their guns, don’t get caught up in the current trends. Because of that the have often been in the shadows, a bit like the UK’s Uria Heep. That they have lasted half a century shows the quality of their music, both on stage and on album.

‘Ghost Stories’ is a celebration of their past and present. Maybe that is why it is a mixture of new material and reinterpreted classics like, ‘We Gotta Get Out Of This Place’ & ‘Kick Out The Jams’.

There is a rawness and aggression that gives both old and new an edge, though the honky - tonk beginning of ‘Shot In The Dark’ is something else, before it turns into a Rolling Stones sounding bit of blues Rock and Roll. There is no doubting the bands Classic Rock credentials and on ‘Ghost Stories’ there is a fire and energy that is all pervading.

With a line-up of Eric Bloom (Guitar, Keyboards/Vocals), Albert Bouchard (Drums/ Vocals), Joe Bouchard (Bass/Guitar/Keyboards/Percussion/Vocals), Allen Lanier (Guitar/Keyboards) & Donald 'Buck Dharma' Roeser (Guitar/Vocal) they have accomplished so much over the years so if this proves to be the final offering well, they have ended in fine style.

I could go on but suffice to say Blue Oyster Cult have created another monster. In saying that nothing quite prepares you for ‘If I Fell’ a Beatles song from 1964! A quick complaint my digital download doesn’t have ‘Roadhouse Blues on it so I better give YouTube a quick search.

By Paul Mace

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