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VAL TVOAR  - In Light You Believe... But In Darkness You Dwell

(Heliaed Records - 2016)



Not another undiscovered female vocal talent, Val is in fact an equally unheard of Estonian guitar wizard who, unlike a lot of others famed for their virtuoso displays, sticks to straight ahead hard rockin' noise.


Stoner metal his evident passion, Mr T motors and rumbles through a rough and ready 34- minute assault on old school apparatus. All instruments on his first ep, along with the angry rasping vocal lines had been laid down by the chap himself and while this album now sees him with a full band around him it is still quite a solo friendly affair.


The solos are quite prominent themselves in parts although with songs averaging three minutes or just over, a lot of the substance is also just down to the verse-chorus-verse structure.

Ranging from ragers like 'There's No Tomorrow' and 'Three Shovels of Dirt' to the vaguely latter-day Metallica-ness of 'Last Dance', 'ILYBBIDYD' is a bite in the forehead for anyone believing this type of music had its day three-four decades back.


Val Tvoar wouldn't stand for it, tell me tell you.




By Dave Attrill


RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Electric Wizard, Monster Magnet, Electric Black Sabbath & Metallica

Val Tvoar - In Light You Believe... But In Darkness You Dwell
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