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Emberent - S/T

(S/R - 2016)



Billed as setting out to bend the dividing line that separates metal subgenres is always a big credit on any new artists promo pack.


Conneticut five-piece Emberent take a bit too long to deviate from their dirge-infested death noise to show where their own gate into the adjoining field sits. Sludging through ten, nearly tuneless grinding lumps with repetitive time signatures and staggering rhythms just doesn't remain fun for long and this one becomes a gradual strain after four songs.


Some highlights do flutter up over the course of this debut album, notably melodic choral interludes in the Fear Factory vein of things, which plays their twin vocal set-up to advantage. Sad state of affairs it is all the same when you have to slash your way though a set of numbers that sound worn into one after scarcely a third of a listen to get to the good bits.


Should be a blast live however.




By Dave Attrill

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