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Reportage – Prison Of Ice

(Molo Records – 2018)

Reportage - Prison Of IceUSE.jpg

Bombastic great Metal band from Russia that have put plenty of work in already – think Ed Guy, Hammerfall, Helloween etc and other like-minded, dare I say Power Metal bands.


These boys (7 of them in all) have support the likes of WASP, Deep Purple, Accept, Lacuna Coil, UDO and Gamma Ray to name but a few since their incarnation on only the strengths of this album – now that's pretty good going. In fact, this release was recorded at their very own Reportage Studios.

Highlights include the opening 'Do Lives Coincide'; the balladeering 'I Was In Your Eyes'; the powerful mid-temp title-track 'Prison Of Ice' ; the slightly 'n' hard edged 'Don't Forget About The Past' or the fastastically energetic album finisher 'Freaky Dreams (Cover E.T.T.)'


Good stuff!



By Glenn Milligan

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