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Inglorious/A New Tomorrow –

The Brickmakers, Norwich, Sunday 25th September, 2022

A New Tomorrow arrived on stage 15 minutes or so later than expected and immediately proved to be a great opening band.

A New Tomorrow 7use.jpg

The venue may only have been 50% full but the crowd reacted well to their Alter Bridge infused style of rock. Vocalist/Guitarist, Alessio Garavello cites Glenn Hughes as an influence. He might not quite be the voice of rock, but his delivery is excellent, as was his playing.

A New Tomorrow 10use.jpg
A New Tomorrow 11use.jpg
A New Tomorrow 8use.jpg

Michael Kew (Guitarist) cites Napoleon as an influence: Not tonight, Josephine! Maybe he just wants to take over Europe! Whatever he displayed a fiery, fluid approach to his playing. Andrea Lonardi pounded his Bass creating a deep heavy sound and Drummer, Tim Hall provided the beats that joined it all together.

A New Tomorrow 5use.jpg
A New Tomorrow 1use.jpg
A New Tomorrow 2use.jpg

A New Tomorrow played their excellent new single, ‘Until The End’ and tracks off their 2019 debut album ‘Universe’. These Londoners should have a bright future tomorrow, if this show was anything to go by.

A New Tomorrow 9use.jpg
A New Tomorrow 4use.jpg

The openers had got us in the mood to ROCK! It was then something of a surprise to see Inglorious making their way from the bar, through the crowd and onto the small stage, with no photo pit! Quite how The Brickmakers made this happen I will never know.

Inglorious 5use.jpg

What I do know is that there was no room for egos or tantrums, the Brickmakers simply is a place to party a place built on ROCK! And what better way is there to do it than go face to face with Inglorious.

Inglorious 1use.jpg
Inglorious 19use.jpg
Inglorious 24use.jpg

The gig had everything you would expect: Great anthemic songs like ‘Taking The Blame’ ‘Glory Days’ and ‘I Don’t Need Your Loving’, a great sound and brilliant musicianship, from the slightly sinister, scary looking Vinnie Colla on bass to the youthful vibrancy of six string sensation Danny Dela Cruz! It had the drums of Phil Beaver and the larger-than-life presence of one of the finest vocalists in rock, the charismatic Nathan James.

Inglorious 11use.jpg
Inglorious 14use.jpg
Inglorious 6use.jpg

As for high points, well it was all wonderful, but the beautiful acoustic set just steals it as Drummer, Phil Beaver played with such technique and feel, of course there was that incredible voice. Nathan announced that at the show we had Patsy, an 82-year-old seeing her first Inglorious concert! Then came the tribute to Foo Fighters Drummer, Taylor Hawkins, which was charged with emotion…

Inglorious 18use.jpg
Inglorious 16use.jpg

The close-up intimacy of this evening’s Inglorious show became evident and crystal clear as the main set ended. With Nathan James stating, “We would normally leave the stage now for a few minutes only to return for our encore. However, there is no real point as that would involve us walking through you lot, locking ourselves in a broom cupboard, then return to the stage via you the crowd!” (There is no back stage area at the Brickmakers.)

Inglorious 15use.jpg
Inglorious 21use.jpg

“So, we are just going to hang about here for a minute or two and then play a couple of more songs. Is that all right?” The response was to the affirmative and more classic rock roared from the stage. The concert ended to rapturous applause with the enigmatic frontman telling us that he would meet us all individually at the merchandise desk!

Inglorious 22use.jpg
Inglorious 9use.jpg

After the show the band were as good as their word shaking hands and having photos taken with everyone. There were huge hugs as well, but none bigger than the one given to my son James, who Nathan has followed on his beard review Instagram site entitled @gingerbeastbeardreviews for many years, wow!

James Nathan use.jpg

Review By Paul 'Rhino' Mace

Photographs By Paul 'Animal' Hampson

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