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Heavy Star – Electric Overdrive

(Perris Records)


An outstanding 80’s Rock like band who formed in 2014 in Italy and comprise of Albert Fish (Vocals), Marco K-ACE (Guitar/Backing Vocals); Danny Slade (Guitar); Robert Biaggioni (Bass/Backing Vocals) and Mauro Money (Drums).


Totally memory lane stuff when you have cuts like the opening ‘Love And Affection’ (not a cover of the Def Leppard song); ‘Desperation Alley’ a ballsy cover of Kiss’s ‘Love Gun’ that starts off slower than expected that comes with a gunshot on the end or the brilliant power ballad with big vocals that closes the album called ‘Serena’.


Good stuff.




By Glenn Milligan

Heavy Star, Electric Overdrive, Italy, Italian, Albert Fish, Danny Slade, Robert Biaggioni, Perris Records, Mauro Money, 80’s Rock
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